The Return of Dublin Writers Workshop online community

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Dear world

In 1997 members of the Dublin Writers Workshop, a community of writers who had been meeting at a variety of venues around Dublin since the late 1980s, set up a website to publish an occasional journal, Electric Acorn. The website ( also hosted a discussion forum where members posted work for feedback, discussed issues of interest and responded to creative writing exercises suggested by other forum members.

This blog aims at reviving the DWW online community but in a new, experimental form. I’d like to see if we could initiate and sustain an ongoing conversation about writing, with separate threads for a monthly Electric Acorn ezine that would offer a platform for excellent writing in a variety of genres , a workshop to post work in progress and get feedback and a place to talk about ideas and issues to do with creative writing in all genres.

We would also include links to community members’ blogs, websites and help to promote their new publications, workshops, readings etc etc.

That’s the idea, anyway.  Please keep an eye on developments, subscribe to the blog and keep coming back. This will only work with your help and participation.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Nessa O’Mahony

Moderator, DWW online


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  1. The newly revamped Dublin Writers Workshop website will be launched during the week of 2nd July 2007. Keep an eye out for a new monthly edition of Electric Acorn, workshops, news of events, readings, publications and discussion.

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